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Our company MERIT GROUP SpA offers a wide range of services especially in the areas of information and communication technologies and systems to customers among companies and institutions. At present we are one of the key suppliers in the Olomouc region, and offer a comprehensive range of products and services in the above areas.

Our ongoing philosophy is to give the customer what he needs: helping him choose from a variety of such products, which will serve him to his full satisfaction.

As a competent system integrator clients to deliver complex hardware and software products and related services and we guarantee their interdependence. This can mainly due to our certified specialists able to develop an information strategy, suggesting the global architecture of information systems (IS) / information and communication technologies (ICT) to manage projects, manage delivery of hardware and software and to solve their mutual relations.

Our advice, analysis, services and solutions to a large extent contribute to the optimization of information, business and organizational processes.


Trade name MERIT and subsequently registered trademark to market information, communication and security systems first appeared in 1991, when it was founded the first company with limited liability. Over time, other companies were created by each specialized in one part of the future portfolio of professional activities.

In 1996 the joint-stock company MERIT GROUP as the successor to most activities and business activities represented by previous companies.

With regard to the dynamically changing environment in which the company operates - especially with regard to new technology - the company quickly adapts to this trend and penetrates into new areas of today's routine activities.

Simultaneously, a joint stock company MERIT GROUP as also quite dynamically grow and by 2002 employed 30 people and showed a regular annual turnover of 40 million CZK.

In the years 2009 - 2012 is no less dynamic development of society as in the previous period, however due to changes in market conditions, increasing demand for new products and services and partly as a result of the first wave of economic recession there is a general consolidation of activities and increasing the efficiency of the internal functioning society.

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